"Ace" from Explicit Strippers entertains bride-to-be Rebecca Baumbach.
Far right, and Cheryl Krueger, center right, at a bachelorette party.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
"Wild bachlorette party ideas"
Party hardy before you say "so long" to singledom.
Tips for a crazy night out or a rockin' night at home.

Before tying the knot and locking on the ol' ball and chain, there's one last chance to party hardy as a single woman. What better reason to get the gal pals together and have a crazy night of booze, games, dancing, dining, and unadulterated mayhem? Whether taking the party to the streets and clubs of Orange County or whoopin' it up in the privacy and comforts of home, it's time to let your hair down and throw on some sexy heels.

PARTY IT UP AT HOME Have just as much fun throwing a bachelorette party in your own living room with festive decorations, silly games, some live "entertainment," girlie drinks, and yummy appetizers. Use your imagination and get creative, break out the shot glasses for some Blow Jobs and chocolate treats in anatomically correct shapes. The sexy entertainment Guys do it; the ladies can do it, too. Order up the stripper, girls, there's nothing wrong with a little male dancer action on your final night of freedom.

Hunky stripper, "Ace," from L.A.-based company Explicit Strippers, allowed us to tag along at a recent bachelorette party in Foothill Ranch to witness his rock hard abs, etc., in action. The company offers male and female entertainment throughout SoCal, and prices range from $150-$425 for one to four strippers. 877-I-WANNA-SEE (877-492-6627). explicitstrippers.com.