Plan in advance

Please schedule entertainment as soon as you have all the party details ready. Our Strippers book fast and sometimes weeks in advance. Please complete reservation form as soon as you can to assure the desired party time and entertainment of your choice. We operate by a first come first serve basis. But remember we will do all that we can for last minute parties.

Show Time!

• Please make sure some one is able to answer the contact numbers you give us so the entertainment is able to get a hold of you the day of the show to confirm party info.

• Please make sure there is a close parking spot available for the dancer

• Please have payment ready for entertainer at arrival.

• Have all your guests present, especially your guest of honor. Have guests arrive one to two hours before entertainment

• Please have large enough room for the show, seating around the perimeter, and a sturdy chair without arm rests in the middle

• Please provide music(most strippers will bring own CD, some have their own portable player)

• Please make sure there is a large, clean and separate room for the stripper to change if they need to

• Please have party inside with all windows, curtains and doors closed

Please inform guests of Entertainment

Having the guest of honor surprised is ok, but please inform all others of party details. We don't wish to offend anyone and also ask each guest participate and bring $20-$50 each for tipping, games and dances. Remember, the more that you tip the better of a show you will get!

Enjoy the Show!

Our entertainment are licensed professionals, you don't need to worry about anything they will handle it. They are highly qualified and trained to handle large groups of people and crazy parties. Please respect their actions and requests. We offer classy shows and guarantee the results. Have fun!

Strawberry Stripper

1 ½ shots Strawberry Schnapps 1 ½ shots triple sec

Top with OJ Serve in large glass

Blow Job

Combine Kahlua and Bailey's in a shot glass and top with whip cream

Take shot only using your hands!

Long Island

½ shot vodka ½ shot triple sec ½ shot rum ½ shot gin

½ shot tequila 1 shot sour mix Splash of coke Serve in large glass

Double to make two(or one big one) Add lemon wedge


½ shot Vodka ½ shot Gin ½ shot Rum

½ shot Tequila ½ shot Triple Sec 1 ½ Sour Mix 1 splash Blue Curacao

Bloody Mary

1 oz Vodka Collins Glass filled with ice

Fill with bloody mary mix Lime wedge and Celery Stalk Garnish

Bahama Mama

1/2 oz 151 Rum 1/2 oz Coconut Rum

1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur 1/2 oz Dark Rum

Cherry Garnish Half Fill Orange Juice

Half Fill Pineapple Juice Specialty Glass filled with ice

Strawberry Daiquiri

1 oz. Light Rum 1-1/2 oz. Sweet and sour

1/2 cup Frozen strawberries, thawed

Blend, but do not strain Large stemmed glass, chilled

Mixing cup, 1/2 filled with finely crushed ice


1 oz Amaretto 1 oz Orange Juice

Fill with cream Highball Glass filled with ice


1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur 1/2 oz Irish Cream

1/2 oz Vodka Rocks Glass filled with ice


1 oz Tequila 1/2 oz Triple Sec 1/8 oz Lime Juice

2 oz Sour Mix Lime Wedge Garnish Margarita Glass Salt Rim

Black Cherry Lemon Drop

1 part Effen Black Cherry Vodka 1 part Lemon Juice

Black Pearl

1 shot Effen Black Cherry Vodka 1 shot Razzmatazz

1 shot Blue Curaco Top with Cran Juice Splash of Sprite

Naughty and Nice

1.5 oz. EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka 1 oz. Kahlua Shaker or mix well

Garnish with a cherry

Black Cherry Blossom

1 Part Effen Black Cherry Vanilla Vodka

2 Parts Creme de Noyeax (Creme of Almond)

Squeeze of Lemon

Splash of Sweet and Sour or a float of Brut Champagne

Garnish with a lemon slice


1 oz vodka 1/2 oz cranberry juice 1/2 oz orange liqueur

Orange/or lemon twist garnish Stemmed glass, chilled

Jager Bomb

1 shot Jagermeister 1/2 Glass of Red Bull

Drop shot into glass of Red Bull


1 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Triple Sec 1/4 oz Lime Juice

Shaker tin filled with ice Shot Glass

Lemon Drop 1 Lemon Wedge 1 oz Vodka

1/2 oz Tripel Sec Shaker tin filled with ice Shot Glass

Liquid Cocaine

1/2 oz 151 Rum 1/2 oz Jagermeister 1/2 oz Rumpleminze

Shaker tin filled with ice Shot Glass