Someone starts the game

by saying Iíve never Ö..

Anyone in the room who has,

Has to drink


Iíve never seen a male stripper

Iíve never had a striptease done for me

Iíve never done a strip tease for my man

Iíve never made a home video

Iíve never cheated on my man

Iíve never stuffed my bra

Iíve never had a one night stand

Iíve never used a sex toy

Iíve never gone panty less in a skirt

Iíve never smoked pot

Iíve never done ecstasy

Iíve never had sex in public

Iíve never been tied up

Iíve never had sex on a plane

Iíve never kissed another woman

Iíve never skinny dipped

Iíve never sun bathed nude

Robot Race


This game is played in pairs.

One person is the robot and the other is the mover.

The robot canít move on there own.

You must lift the robots feet and direct them.

(fun with strippers as robots!)

Balloon Sit


Write different activities on small pieces of paper.

Place paper inside balloons and blow up balloons.

Everyone playing gets one balloon

When the ďqueenĒ tells them

They must pop the balloon and do the activity inside

(Fun to involve strippers)

Pin The Tail On The Male


Blow up a large photo of the groom to be

And pin up on wall

Blow up different sized skinny balloons

Blind fold guest

And have guest try to connect balloon to the crotch

Using tape/or pins on a bulletin board

The closest guest wins a prize



Asshole needs to be played with 5 or more people.  Deal all cards in deck.  A two will clear the pile and you start the next, threeís are wild(if jokers are used they are wild as well), and Aceís are high.  The person with the four of clubs will lead.  The person to their left will follow.  When itís your turn to play a card you must beat or match the card laid.  You may play doubles, trips, and 4/5 of a kind.  The same doubles on top of doubles will also skip the next person.  And when four of the same card is played in a row it is a sociable.  If you lay the same card as the top card on the pile the next person in line is skipped.  The first person out of cards is the President, the second out is Vice President, the last person out is the asshole, and everyone is normal.  The president can make anyone drink, and starts the next game.  The Vice President can make anyone drink but the President, and the Asshole can make anyone drink while dealing.  If you touch your cards before the dealer after dealing out all cards, you must finish your drink and the first to touch their cards is beer bitch for the game.




Ring of fire needs to be played with 2 or more people.  Shuffle cards and spread them out in a ring on a table or the floor face down.  One player at a time starting left of dealer picks one card and without looking at it places it face up in the middle of the ring.  Cards are as follows:


Ace-drink one

2-give out two drinks to anyone

3-make a rule without singleing out anyone


No swearing

You canít say drink drank or drunk

(if you do you must drink)


Last to touch the floor with hand drinks


Last to raise hand drinks

6- sociable

Everyone drinks


The person to your left drinks


If you lay this card everyone must start drinking

You have to keep drinking until the person on your right stops

Starting with the one who laid the card


You must say a sentence

The person on your left must do the same

With the last words rhyming

Do this until someone canít make up a rhyme

They drink ten drinks


The person to your right drinks


Say a category and the player on the left must give example

Go around table until someone canít give example or repeats example

That person must drink ten drinks


Sex positions

Stripper names

Beer brands

Queen-ladies drink

King-guys drink

(Last king slams beer or does beer bong, game ends)


You only have to remember 4 floor and 5 high to play,

you can look here to check other rules