Where to start? Nick Hawk was always intrigued by glamour and Hollywood but had to start somewhere. Born and raised in the Madison, Wisconsin area he grew up working on farms, racing dirt bikes, snowboarding, wakeboarding, wrestling, playing football, just about every other sport imaginable, fishing, hunting, camping and going to bonfire parties where he freestyled rapped for his friends. He enjoyed every creative aspect of school from art, Engilsh, shop, chorus and all of course sports. He lettered four times in wrestling and was captain of his wrestling team. 

He went to college after graduating high school and continued his wrestling career for a year. He ran out of money, decided he needed to get away and joined the Air Force for a four-year-tour so he would receive the GI Bill and have his college paid for. After competing his training and receiving the Air Force Marksman Ribbon, Nick ended up getting stuck in Texas and Kansas for his tour even though he was told he would get his station choice in California. His main job was inspecting KC-135's before they flew. He traveled to Spain, England and Iraq.

In 2005 he left the Air Force, packed up all of his belongings and drove to California with his Boxer dog Blaze never being there or knowing anyone out there. He drove straight down Beach Boulevard to the ocean, got out of his truck, picked up a newspaper and started to look for somewhere to live and work. He tried Orange County life but it wasn't his thing so he moved to Hollywood. While finishing college he bartended, was a personal trainer and stripped to pay the bills. 

He graduated college in '07 with an English major that focused on Creative Writing. During his last year of college he started his company Explicit Entertainment and ExplicitStrippers.com. In 2008 he was on the cover of Men's Health UK.  In 2009 he took second in the the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World’s and continues to train and compete. He made the switch from a stripper to a gigolo in 2009 and hit the top of his game recently.  He has his own clothing line Explicit Apparel which you will see on Showtime’s original series Gigolos which he stars in.

Nick stays busy, promotes healthy lifestyles and positivity.  In his little free time he enjoys working out, working on his music, riding his motorcycle, hitting up the hot clubs in Las Vegas and Hollywood, traveling the world, snowboarding and surfing.  But he will always have more enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction entertaining and will always be hustling...

Favorite Word: Explicit, Hustler, Gigolo

Most Recurring Dream:  Flying, sex

Thoughts First Waking Up:  Down to business

Have you Been in Love:  I love everyone

If you could improve one hobby, what would it be?  Singing

What turns you on? 3 S's Success/Style/Sexiness

What turns you off? Negativity/Laziness

What Sound Or Noise Do You Love: Laughter

What Sound Or Noise Do You Hate? Any Humility/Crying/Car not starting

Favorite Curse Word: Fuck

What Profession That You Haven't Attempted Would Like To? Vigilante/Explorer

What Profession Would You Not Like To Attempt:


If Heaven Exists, What Would You Like To Hear God Say When You Arrive?  I'm Glad I Created You

Bucket List:

Drop into a mountain in Alaska from a helicopter...

Surf in Hawaii...

Playa Del Carmen - Zip Line - Rain Forest Tour, Cancun, Cozumel - snorkel trip...

Tiger Safari in India...

Dive with sharks in South Africa, stalk the Big Five and take a dirt bike in the Namib Dunes...

Caribbean Islands - Kite Surf in Barbados - Spear and Eat my own lobster in Nevis - Nikki Beach Turks and Caicos - Visit Grenada Sculpture Park...


St Martin


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